We're certain you'll have some questions before you place an order with us. So we've answered some of the most common questions below.

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Where do I send my tapes?
Please send all media to:
Timeless Memories
10 Arundel Ave

How long will my order take?

We aim to have your conversion complete in around 7 - 10 working days, usually sooner. If we are in a busy period this may be slightly longer.

I need my tapes back in a hurry, do you offer an express turnaround service?
Yes, if you need your transfers 'yesterday' then we can put you ahead of the queue. Naturally, there will be a charge for this.

What is the safest way to send my items to you?
Always send your items in a strong padded jiffy bag or box using special or recorded delivery. Remember, postmen don’t always care about your items like you do so make sure you pad them up well!

There are parts in my videos I don’t like, can you edit these out of my videos?
Yes we offer a video editing service and we can edit out the parts you don't need. Please make sure you request this.

Can you separate the tracks on my Vinyl / Cassette so I can skip to my favourite track once on a CD?
Yes, just request this along with your order.

I have an original copyrighted film on VHS tape and I want it transferring to DVD, can you legally do this?
Yes, as long as you own the original video then you are legally allowed to make a backup of this video, we as a service can provide this for you.

Why is it important to backup my video or audio tapes?
Video & Audio tapes stored for long periods of time suffers from oxidisation, this is a build up of mildew that develops on the tape resulting in them being unplayable and unwatchable. If you want to preserve those tapes then the only way to do so is to have them digitally converted before this happens.

What happens if my tape has bad oxidisation?
If your tape has suffered from heavy oxidisation it may result in a poor playback condition and be unwatchable. We will always check the condition of your tapes prior to starting the process. If we cannot transfer an item for whatever reason we will refund you the difference for that item.

What is an MP4 file?
An MP4 file is a digital video file that you can play back on your computer or mobile device. Most videos you see online are in MP4 format, such as YouTube videos and Website videos. They are an excellent choice and can be sent to other family members to enjoy.

What happens in the event I lose or accidentally damage my transfer disc in the future?
We are one of the few companies that keeps an archive disc on your behalf. If in the event you lose or damage your disc we will send you out a duplicate copy so you’ll always have piece of mind that your audio / video memories are safe.

Are you the cheapest transfer company out there?
Although our prices are very reasonable we don’t aim to be the cheapest because we have found that this always reflects on the methods used and overall resulting quality. Most of our customers come to us because they have had previous work done by a ‘cheap and cheerful’ service only to be let down by the poor resulting quality. This is usually a mix of low grade consumer equipment run by amateurs with a ‘one in one out’ approach.

We are professional. We use dedicated professional broadcast video equipment and we don’t cut ANY corners when it comes the transfer process. Your transfers are done in real time using state of the art equipment, professionally monitored, and we treat every transfer with the care and passion it deserves.

Why choose your company?
Here are 10 reasons we think make us a good choice:
  1. We are totally professional and have invested ££££’s in pro video equipment.
  2. We have a genuine passion for audio / video and NEVER cut any corners.
  3. We are transparent about our prices, you’ll find them clearly on our site.
  4. There are NO hidden fees.
  5. We are a VAT FREE company!
  6. We offer BULK order discounts, gift vouchers and special offers to new and existing customers.
  7. We archive every single transfer. You’ll never need to worry about losing your disc in the future.
  8. We offer special discounts for schools and organisations.
  9. If you live local we’ll pickup and deliver your transfer free of charge.
  10. Our customers speak for themselves, please read our testimonials.

Do offer any guarantees?
Yes, in the unlikely event that a disc doesn’t work you’ll be sent a replacement for free. If you send in an item for transfer that is too badly damaged / oxidised then we will refund you for that item.

I don’t see a particular service that I require?
Please call us on 01253 486866 to speak to us - We are always updating our portfolio of services and we can usually offer a lot more than what is currently on our website.

Where are your Terms and Conditions?
Our terms and conditions can be found here.